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Our one of a kind custom artwork will give your home a stunning unique contemporary accent.

Bring Your Vision to Life with Customized Art.

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We offer limitless possibilities and styles, so you can have the piece that's perfect for you.

We've created one-of-a-kind contemporary paintings for clients all across the US. That includes top companies like Starbucks and Bank of America.

One of the things we are most proud of as artists is being able to really listen to clients, and translate ideas and emotions into art. We've become exceptionally skilled at this.

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Our custom art services extend internationally - including international shipping.

You Can Choose One of Our Prints

Frequently a client selects one of our canvas print as a foundation for a custom painting. Mood, color, texture and size can then be selected by the client creating a one-of-a-kind work of art.

  • Custom painting of the Chicago river and skyline.

    Maybe you'd like a painting of Chicago. Or a custom painting of any city's skyline!

  • Custom made large abstract painting in bold or neutral colors.

    Or an abstract painting may best suit your setting.

  • Order a custom abstract music art painting.

    Or a Cubist-inspired wine and music painting could be the perfect touch!

Bring us your idea, or look through our collections for ideas for your painting.

Here Are Some Ideas That Became Custom Paintings >
Let us create a custom painting of the Chicago skyline to complement your decor.

Custom Paintings of the Chicago Skyline... or Any City.

For this 48 x 60 commissioned cityscape, the painting included requested features from several of our Chicago paintings. It also included specific photos from the client.

Is there a particular view of Chicago that you love? Send us a photo and it can be used for the design of your painting if you like.

And this goes for any great city - New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Hong Kong. You get the idea!

See the large collection of our Chicago Skyline Canvas Prints for ideas you may want for a commissioned painting.

And remember, you can commission a painting of any city you like!

See more examples >
  • Custom abstract art cityscapes are available from our artists.

    "Center of the City" by Kathleen Patrick

    Cityscape paintings can range from the very abstract to pictorial, and customized to your color palette.

  • Order a custom made painting of Chicago in neutral colors.

    "In the Mist" by Kathleen Patrick

    You can add an urban element to your home or office with a skyline painting!

  • Black and white paintings of Chicago can be made to order to any size.

    "Oak Beach Skyline" by Kathleen Patrick

    Select from bold to neutral colors for your custom cityscape painting.

Custom painting about world travel.

Commission a Mixed Media Painting

For this custom travel painting, the artist selected photos from a list of a couple's favorite places.

Your painting can incorporate your own photos, and photos collected by the artists to suit your theme and subject.

There are so many subjects you can choose from:

* Your favorite sports team.
* Favorite music, movies or authors.
* Your family's history or business milestones.

"We LOVE IT!  Can’t wait to hang it! Thanks so much.  We love your work!" Sue L.

See more examples >
  • You can order a mixed media custom canvas painting. Commission art of anything you love - whether it's your family, hobbies or travels.
  • A custom artwork of your favorite music and musicians is a very popular choice.

    "Jazz and Blues", a mixed media music painting

  • Commission a painting about your favorite sports team.

    "At Last", a mixed media sports painting.

Fine art custom works from a single painting to large multiple contemporary paintings.

Corporate Customized Art

We also offer custom artwork for businesses. From small boutiques to major corporations.

Our custom-tailored artwork will allow you to showcase the unique energy and values that make your company special! Bring your unique business perspective to life with art that's made just for you.

More about Custom Corporate Art >
Commission a painting from a photo; maybe it's your favorite place.

Custom Landscape Paintings - Based on a Photo

We can create a painting from a photo; maybe it's your favorite place, from your travels, or even a beautiful sunset you captured on your phone.

"This was our 7th piece we bought. Another great custom artwork from Chicago Skyline Art - well done! My wife loved the landscape painting. Thank you so much!" - Tim R.

Order a fine art painting celebrating the special moments in your life.

Capture a Special Place with a Custom Painting

Our art commissions have ranged from a street scene in Ireland, to a painting of Chicago's Wrigley Field at night, and even the New York Harbor and Statue of Liberty. 

You can either provide a photo, or have the artists find images and make suggestions for the custom artwork.

"Amazing." - Brian M.

A fine art equestrian themed commission .

Custom Concept to Creation

"Taking the idea and concept of three photographs of my horses to a painted montage, was a delightful process. Kathleen interpreted my thoughts and feelings from a 20 year horse career to a memorable piece of art.
Highly recommend working with them to capture the essence of your feelings in art, for a piece you will proudly display." - Barbara S.

Commission a painting for your bedroom that you'll love to start the day with.

Artwork for Bedrooms

Custom artwork can complement the warmth and elegance of your bedroom. A large painting in soft neutrals can be a beautiful focal point that draws the room together!

Our corporate clients include Starbucks, Gucci, Motorola, Disney Channel, United Healthcare and Bank of America.

Client Reviews

"I was frustrated not being able to find the style of painting and right color/size/price point I needed after looking a long time. Chicago Skyline Art made it very easy for me. I selected my style and colors and they created a gorgeous painting for my family room at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend them. I am very happy with my purchase and they were great to work with when working out all the details." - Jill C.

"We asked Kathleen to do a unique, custom Route 66 painting for us to finish off our rec room downstairs and highlight our vintage theme. The collage of items she selected matched perfectly along with the late 40’s, early 50’s style and colors we were looking for." - Tim R.

More Client Reviews >
A jungle painting custom created for a client in the Costa Rican jungle.

Popular Custom Art Sizes

18" x 24" __ 24" x 24"__ 24" x 30"__ 24" x 36"__ 30" x 40"__ 36" x 36"__ 36" x 48"__ 36" x 60"__ 48" x 48"__ 48" x 60"

We can create any size you want!

We've created paintings as large as 60" x 72", 60" x 96", and 72" x 150".

Diptychs (2 canvases) and Triptychs (3 canvases) are also available.

What's the cost for a custom painting?

Each custom painting is as different, and as unique as the people who order it. So we individually price each painting.

Typically prices range from:

For a 24" x 36" painting, from $1200 to $1700

For a 30" x 40" painting, from $1400 to $1900

For a 36" x 48" painting, from $2700 to $3500

For a 36" x 60" painting, from $3900 to $5000

For a 48" x 60" painting, from $4400 to $5500


Shown is a Custom Abstract Costa Rican Jungle Painting by Kathleen Patrick - now hanging in the client's home in Costa Rica.

More about our custom paintings >
Large custom contemporary paintings on canvas are our specialty.

To Commission a Painting

What idea or concept would you like expressed in a custom painting?

1. Send us your idea or concept, or choose a painting print that inspires you. (A cityscape, a beautiful landscape, a totally unique abstract - size is no limit!) There are over 420 images from original paintings on our website.

Check out our list of just a few of the requests we've had which did become paintings. Visit our page "Ideas That Have Become Custom Paintings" >

2. Call or e-mail us. Consultations are free! Tel: 312-292-7904

3. Once the details are determined and outlined, we can accurately provide you with a price.

Call or email us with your details!

Custom Paintings - FAQs >

In the Comment section below, briefly describe your custom artwork. Include information about your timeline, subject matter, size, style or anything else you find important. You can also call us at 312-292-7904.