Corporate Custom Artwork



One of a kind custom artwork for offices, lobbies and reception areas.

Elevate your business with our stunning artwork, crafted to create a visually inspiring atmosphere.

Whether you order custom paintings or contemporary prints, you will create a lasting impression with art designed specifically for your business.

Our clients include some of the largest corporations in this country!

As professional artists and gallery owners for more than two decades, we've painted hundreds of original paintings. We have the expertise and the personal skills needed to complete your project, and exceed your expectations. That is our primary goal!

In addition to custom paintings, we provide the following options for your project:

  • Limited Edition Prints, Framed or Unframed
  • Original Prints on Metal
  • Original Prints on Acrylic Glass
  • Original Prints on Canvas
  • Stunning Wallpaper Murals

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Our custom art services extend internationally - including international shipping.

Hotel lobby with Chicago Skyline artist enhanced canvas print in soft greys and grey-blue

Custom paintings and limited edition prints of the Chicago skyline are a forte!

In addition to Chicago skyline canvas prints and framed prints, you can order custom Chicago paintings. They're often inspired by the skyline paintings seen on our website.

Often clients have selected several of our Chicago paintings to use as the basis for a custom-made skyline painting. Utilizing the images they've chosen, and their size and color preferences, we've created unique Chicago Skylines that are perfect for a corporate setting.

We can create skyline paintings for any city you choose!

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Commissioned art - customized abstract artwork for a business lobby.

Browse the website; find ideas for customized artwork for your business.

One way to get an idea for a custom painting is to go through our very large collection of prints.

Choose from hundreds of prints in a wide variety of genres, selecting images that appeal to you.

Let the artists know your likes and dislikes. And what appeals to you!

Commission a painting that is an absolutely singular work.

Multi-panel original customized modern artwork for business lobby.

Commissioned Abstract Art Paintings

From the series entitled "The Light Within" - these textural, glowing pieces can be custom created in a vast range of colors, shapes and sizes. They can range from multiple squares or rectangles, to a large singular colored canvas. Order customized wall art with a simple design but a grand display of color and energy!

You can use these color field abstracts to add radiance to an otherwise quiet area.

Custom works from this series have been created for both corporate and private collections.

Corporate art clients include Disney, Gucci, Starbucks, Bank of America, Motorola and United Healthcare.

Corporate Art Clients

  • Starbucks
  • Gucci
  • Disney
  • Bank of America
  • Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau
  • United Healthcare
  • Beam Suntory
  • National Association of Realtors
  • Motorola
  • University of Wisconsin
  • University of Illinois
  • US State Department

Custom artwork takes the highest level of artistic skill and personal interaction. We have specialized in developing these skills for the past two decades!

Chicago art for a corporate hallway.

Chicago Skyline Project

Chicago art custom designed for a businesses's large wall.

Close-ups of Chicago Skyline Project

CLIENT REVIEW - "Chicago Skyline Art helped curate a wonderful set of artist enhanced prints for a large space at our office building. The team worked together to come up with artwork that matched our color palette and even did a custom grouping to work in a long hallway. Not only did it turn out great, the price was very fair for the quality of the work and we get tons of compliments. I highly recommend them for office or home. A really special touch for anyone looking for artwork that highlights the beauty of our city!" - Charles M., November 2023

Have a painting custom created to capture the very essence of your culinary style.

Restaurant Art - Abstract Guitarist

The right artwork for your restaurant may be second only to your menu. Have a painting created to capture the very essence of your culinary style. You can also purchase several prints from our collections to set an incredible mood for your diners. Buy unique art that will make your restaurant memorable!

Custom-made fine art paintings create a dynamic mood in this very contemporary restaurant.

Cubist Painting Print for a Restaurant

Add to the dining experience with this Pablo Picasso inspired artwork! It's sure to become a conversation starter for your diners and set your restaurant apart. It is available in several sizes, just like all of our fine art canvas prints.

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One of a kind custom artwork for offices, lobbies and reception areas.

Multiple Paintings for Large Spaces

Several oversized custom paintings may be required for large spaces. We will create a series of works that offer a cohesive theme and feel to any large area. Order customized original fine art!

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Art for Airbnbs

Create a unique, interesting, engaging setting in your Airbnb! Celebrate through original artwork the global location, mood and intriguing facts about your space.

For instance, a large custom painting was created specifically for an Airbnb located in the coastal jungle of Costa Rica.

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In the Comment section below, briefly describe your project. Include information about your timeline, subject matter, style or anything else you find important. Or call us at 312-292-7904.