Custom Romantic Couple Paintings

Commission a Custom Painting Today! 

Add a very special painting to your home - commission a custom couple painting!

It can be a painting of the two of you! This option is a silhouette of the two of you, from the back. Just send us a quick phone photo. Your basic height, shape and hair style, etc. will be included. 

This is one of our most popular choices - a truly unique personalized painting!

See the photos below - just 4 of the 50 we have for you to select from as models for your painting. 

Or a street scene of your favorite city with the two of you.
Perhaps a romantic moment together.
Or select any of our Romantic Couple Painting images on our website as your inspiration for a custom painting of the two of you.


Check out our Romantic Couple Collection for Ideas 

Ordering a Custom Painting Is Easy!

1. Choose your size and colors. Do you want a singular canvas or more than one canvas?

2. Call 312-292-7904, or e-mail us to discuss your custom painting.

3. Once the details are determined and outlined, we can accurately provide you with a price. The deposit is 70%.

4. We'll send you an invoice for the deposit... you can pay through our website.

5. In @ 3 1/2 to 4 weeks, we will email photos to you.
Review the photos and let us know what alterations, if any, you'd like.

If alterations are made, we will send a new set of photos.
When totally satisfied, you pay the balance, and have us ship your custom art painting to you!

We have an absolute - 100% Money Back Guarantee!


We absolutely LOVE our custom painting

"We absolutely LOVE our custom painting. The whole process was wonderful. The final product turned out better than we could have imagined! HIGHLY recommend!"

We have purchased two custom paintings...

"We have purchased two custom paintings from Kathleen and Joseph. Both are absolutely beautiful!"

Highly recommend working with them!

"Taking the idea and concept of three photographs of my horses to a painted montage was a delightful process."

A romantic moment for two! It can capture any two people - set in any city you want.

Or a painting as abstract and whimsical as this Cubist couple.

Email us today.