FAQs For Custom Paintings

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What's the cost for a custom painting?

 Each custom painting is as different and unique as the people who order it. So we individually price each painting. Just contact us for a price.

How do you determine the price?

The price of your custom painting is determined by size and complexity. So it's #1 - the cost of the materials and #2 - the number of hours to create the painting.

What sizes do you offer?

Popular canvas sizes:

18" x 24" __ 24" x 24"__ 24" x 30"__ 24" x 36"__ 30" x 40"__ 36" x 36"__ 36" x 48"__ 36" x 60"__ 48" x 48"__ 48" x 60"

When will my painting be done?

Custom paintings are generally completed within 3.5 to 4 weeks, after the details have been finalized, and the deposit is paid.

Are these oil paintings?

No. We use only acrylic paints, mediums and varnishes - all are the same high-end brand - Golden Artists Colors - whose quality is unsurpassed. Oil paints yellow and become brittle over time, and require regular maintenance and restoration by a professional.

My room is very sunny; is that a problem?

No... not at all. The paints we use have ultra-violet light inhibitors added. Additionally, a final UV protective varnish is applied to the painting before it ships to you.

Will I need to frame my painting?

No. It comes ready to hang. Each of our paintings is a gallery wrapped canvas, and the painting image continues around the 1 and 1/2 inch sides, so that framing is unnecessary.  Framing later is an option, should you wish.

How much of my time will this take?

In a nutshell, as little or as much as you want. Clients start with either a brief email or phone call to start. The initial conversation ranges from just a few minutes to as much as 1/2 hour. 

How much is shipping?

The cost depends on the size of the painting, the shipping distance from our studio and the painting's insurance value. We will provide an estimate when these details are determined. We ship with UPS, fully insured to your door.

Will you match my colors?

Absolutely! You can send us actual fabric and paint samples if you prefer. Some clients have sent photos of the room and furnishings, or even the paint brand and color name for us to match. We can even send you samples of paint colors we've mixed, for you to select from.

How do I approve my painting?

We will email you photos of the painting for you to review. 

What if I want changes to the painting?

If you want any modifications, we will make them, and email you new photos in a few days. We will work with you until you are completely happy! 

How do your clients rate their custom artwork?

All our ratings are 5-STAR. (Check them out.)

What are the artist's goals for a custom painting?

There are two:

  1. An accomplished, signature work of art.
  2. A client who's very happy, because their highest expectation has been met and exceeded!

Bring us your idea or look through our collections for ideas for your painting.

Ideas That Became Custom Paintings

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