Ideas From Clients That Became Custom Paintings

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Wondering what might be possible when commissioning a painting with us? Here's some descriptions of paintings we've done in the past.

  • A pair of cityscapes - New York and London - created for a couple from each of those cities.
  • A collage mixed media piece about elegant shoes for a person who loves fashion, and has a large collection of gorgeous shoes.
  • A piece for a client who loved two paintings in the gallery. We combined a neutral colored abstract with a playful cubist overlay - suggesting his dog, a palm tree, and his oceanside cabana.
  • A collage painting as a tribute to a grandfather, who was a member of the Royal Canadian Artillery - showing his medals and a few photos of him and his family.
  • A mixed media painting just about clocks, for a person who travels a lot and loves the clocks that he has photographed around the world.
  • A very large piece, 5' x 9', for a couple who wanted a painting about family - their children on the Indiana Dunes with the view of Chicago across Lake Michigan.
  • A painting of Auguste Rodin's statue, "The Thinker" - as a 3' x 4' large scale portrayal capturing only the upper half of the figure.
  • A colorful cubist triptych, 4' x 9', for a couple who enjoy late-night music and dining in Chicago.
  • A mixed media painting about a couple's trip across Route 66, and all the kitchy Americana hotels, gas stations, and restaurants they visited.

In the Comment section below, contact us today with your idea - and any questions.