Custom Mixed Media Paintings

'Made to Order' Artwork!

A commissioned painting on canvas about clocks and time.

Don't miss out on your chance to order a personalized collage painting!

We'll use your images, and/or those collected by the artist to celebrate your travels, sports team, favorite music or hobbies - you name it!

Your fine art commission can range in size from small to very large - from a single painting to multiple canvases.

It's easy to commission a painting in this style!

Check out the examples below.

Commission a painting about you most memorable travels.

Your travels captured in a painting.

A travel painting created for a couple to celebrate their world travels. For this custom artwork, the artist selected photos from a list of the couple's favorite places.

Almost any subject area you can imagine can serve as the basis for an amazing mixed media painting!

Order a painting with vintage photo images of your favorite city.

A work of art about your favorite city.

Highlight vintage photos of your favorite city, for example, Chicago. What city and images would you choose for your art commission?

  • Commissioned artwork on canvas of a favorite musician.

    Custom Made Music Wall Art

    You can capture any style or era of music to create stunning art on canvas!

  • Order a one of a kind painting celebrating your travels.

    A Contemporary Travel Art Commission

    Custom travel paintings have long been a favorite of our collectors.

  • Made to order original sports artwork on canvas.

    Custom Sports Team Artwork

    Capture a 'once in a lifetime' event of your favorite team with a fine art commission.

Commissioned artwork about Chicago jazz and blues music.

A painting about music you love.

"Jazz and Blues - Chicago" by Kathleen Patrick, was exhibited by the US State Department - hung alongside art works of prominent Chicagoans, including Frank Lloyd Wright.

Custom painting on canvas about Route 66.

Route 66 Painting on Canvas

Capturing the memories and images of a cross country trip.

Popular canvas sizes for your art commission:

18" x 24"__ 24" x 24"__ 24" x 30"__ 24" x 36"__ 30" x 40"__ 36" x 36"__ 36" x 48"__ 36" x 60"__ 48" x 48"__ 48" x 60"

We've created paintings as large as 60" x 72", 60" x 96", and 72" x 150".

Diptychs (2 canvases) and Triptychs (3 canvases) are also available.

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Contemporary Custom Art Collage - Stanford University

Stanford University Collage Painting

This custom artwork was created for a Stanford University alumnus. A fine art painting featuring architectural elements

A  mixed media painting about famous Chicago blues and jazz musicians. do I commission a painting?

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