Custom Paintings - More Ideas

Here are more samples for inspiration!


Custom paintings of your favorite celebrity.


Shown is "De Niro's Eyes". Paintings of Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Marilyn Monroe, George Michael and Marlene Dietrich have been created. Who's your favorite famous person for a custom painting?  



Custom painting


The collector requested this painting, after providing several photos, and chose to have the theme be "his oceanfront home". It would include suggestions of the ocean waves, a thatched hut pool house, palm trees, and even his dog - all in a cartoonish cubist style.



Custom cubist triptych painting


Shown above is a triptych, measuring 9 feet wide. The theme was music and dining in Chicago. Vibrant colors were chosen, and the collectors even sent a photo, and asked to have themselves included in the center panel.





One of our recent collectors commissioned this collage painting with the theme being high end women's fashion.  See more examples of this custom art style >


Custom abstract color-field paintings


Abstract Color Field Paintings -  From a series entitled "The Light Within". Textural, glowing pieces which can be created in a vast range of colors, shapes and sizes.  Custom works from this series have been done for both corporate and private collections.

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