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Custom Collage Paintings

You can order a custom collage painting for your business or home today! 

It can range in size from small to very large - from a single painting to multi-panel canvases. Your painting can incorporate your own photos, and/or photos collected by the artist to suit the subject.


Custom Collage Travel Paintings

A travel painting was created for a couple to celebrate their world travels. They gave us a list of favorite places, things and ideas.

 Almost any subject area you can imagine can serve as the basis for a wonderful custom made painting. 

  •  Favorite sports team
  •  Travels
  •  Favorite music or authors
  • Family's history, or business milestones


 Time and Travel

The collector for this commissioned painting selected some of the most memorable cities he had been to, and wanted iconic clocks from every destination.


 Music - Chicago Jazz and Blues

This particular piece was included in the US State Department's 'Art in Embassies Program', and hung alongside art works of other prominent Chicago artists, including the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright.



Custom Corporate Art - A Painting for a Medical Center

This painting is part of a triptych measuring 15 feet wide by 6 feet tall. It was commissioned by a large medical center. The objective was to create a very large work that showed the historical timeline of the center, which stretched back over 100 years.

Clocks, hour glasses, and sundials were used to reflect the passage of time, and photos and newspaper articles document important events and milestones.

Colors were selected both to complement the interior design of the center as well as to create a vintage feel to the painting. 


All our paintings are on stretched canvas, and continue around the 1 1/2 in. sides. And you won't need to frame it!  

Here's How to Commission Your Painting

1. Decide on the subject, theme, and example you've seen.

2. Provide photos or ask us to select them, subject to your approval. Decide on the size and colors. Do you want a singular canvas or more than one canvas?

3. Call or e-mail us to discuss your commission.

4. Once the details are determined and outlined, the deposit is 70%.

5. In @ 3 1/2 to 4 weeks, we'll email photos to you.

6. Review the photos and let us know what alterations, if any, you'd like.

7. Pay balance, and have us ship it to you!



You'll always work directly with one of our award-winning artists.  

Popular Custom Painting Sizes

24" x 24"   24" x 30"   24" x 36"   30" x 40"

36" x 36"   36" x 48"   36" x 60"  

48" x 48"   48" x 60" 

We've created paintings as large as 60" x 72",  60" x 96", and 72" x 108".

Diptychs (2 canvases) and Triptychs (3 canvasses) are also available. 


Check out these pages for more inspiring ideas:


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Customer service is prompt, often immediate, and you will always speak directly to one of our 2 primary artists.

Our main goal is that you love your painting!