Custom Commissioned Art

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Large custom contemporary art paintings are a specialty.

It's easy to order an original work of art designed just for you!  Bring us an idea, a design, or browse through our website to find works that appeal to you. There are hundreds of works to enjoy and inspire.

Call or e-mail - we're always happy to answer questions, advise and help you on the path to having that perfect painting you've been looking for.

Order a Custom abstract landscape painting from one of our award-winning artists. Commissioning a painting has never been easier.

Custom Abstract Landscape Paintings

Look through our collections, and inevitably you'll find a piece that speaks to you! Every image on our website can be a reference source for an absolutely unique painting, which can be created to your individual needs.

A Chicago Skyline Painting designed for your setting. We guarantee to make commissioning a painting simple.

Custom Paintings of the Chicago Skyline

See our entire collection of our Chicago Skyline Canvas Prints for ideas and inspiration for your painting of Chicago. 

Do you have photos of Chicago or a view of the Chicago skyline that you love? An affection for a particular building in Chicago? They can all be used for the design of your custom Chicago skyline painting. 

 A couple chose to have a 4 ft. x 5 ft. painting created, and requested it be based on one of our more abstract Chicago River skylines. Color swatches were also provided by them, and matched by the artist, so that the painting would enhance its setting. 

We love it! Exciting! Thank you.

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Custom Collage Paintings

'Collage Paintings' are a popular choice for a custom commissioned painting that can be personalized to meet your needs. Your painting can incorporate your own photos, and/or photos collected by the artists to suit your theme and subject.

* Your favorite sports team.
* Travels.
* Favorite music or authors.
* Your family's history, or business milestones.

 Shown is a collage painting done for a couple to celebrate their world travels. They gave us a list of favorite places, things and ideas.

"We LOVE IT!  Can’t wait to see it live and hang it! Thanks so much.  We love your work!"

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Custom Landscape Paintings Based on a Photo

You can also order a painting from a photo; maybe it's your favorite place,  from your travels, or even a beautiful sunset you captured on your phone.

Our 7th purchase, one of a kind!

"Another great custom artwork from Chicago Skyline Art - well done Joseph! My wife loved the landscape painting. Thank you so much!"

Order a painting of your favorite place, customized for you.

Custom Paintings Of Special Places

Contemporary custom works have ranged from a street in Ireland, to a painting of Chicago's Wrigley Field at night, and even the New York Harbor and Statue of Liberty. 

You can either provide a photo, or have the artists find images and make suggestions for the custom artwork.

Order a painting of your favorite place, customized for your home or office.

"Joseph has made two pieces for us and we couldn’t be more happy with them both! One is a piece that we saw in his studio and we had him create a modified version for us to fit more of our taste and the space we wanted it for. The second was a custom “ location theme” piece and he nailed it! It’s just beautiful and it captured the look and feel of the city. Joseph’s prices are fair, he is great with communication during the painting process and his talent is off the charts. Can’t recommend his work and paintings enough!"

Custom Commissioned Art do I commission a painting?

1. Decide on a subject, theme, style or example you've seen. From an abstract painting all the way to a specific scene!

2. Choose the the size and colors. Do you want a singular canvas or more than one canvas?

3. Call 815-291-3709, or e-mail us to discuss your custom painting.

4. Once the details are determined and outlined, we can accurately provide you with a price. The deposit is 70%.

5. We'll send you an invoice for the deposit... you can pay through our website.

6. In @ 3 1/2 to 4 weeks, we will email photos to you.
Review the photos and let us know what alterations, if any, you'd like.

If alterations are made, we will send a new set of photos.
When totally satisfied, you pay the balance, and have us ship your custom art painting to you!

We have an absolute - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Popular Custom Art Sizes

18" x 24" __ 24" x 24"__ 24" x 30"__ 24" x 36"__ 30" x 40"__ 36" x 36"__ 36" x 48"__ 36" x 60"__ 48" x 48"__ 48" x 60"

We've created paintings as large as 60" x 72", 60" x 96", and 72" x 150".

Diptychs (2 canvasses) and Triptychs (3 canvasses) are also available.

The general price range for works in any style is:

18" x 24" ... $600 to $1000

24" x 30" .... $1200 to $1800

36" x 48" .... $1600 to $2400

48" x 60" .... $2900 to $4400 


Shown is a Custom Costa Rican Jungle Painting - soon to arrive at the client's home in Costa Rica.

Commission a painting custom made for your home or office.

Custom Concept to Creation

Experience - Incredible

"Taking the idea and concept of three photographs of my horses to a painted montage was a delightful process. Kathleen interpreted my thoughts and feelings from a 20 year horse career to a memorable piece of art.
Highly recommend working with them to capture the essence of your feelings in art for a piece you will proudly display."

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