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Chicago Skyline Art

Custom Italian Village Painting Deposit Invoice

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This custom painting is being commissioned by Marissa Gomez. It will be based on the photo she has provided, and on the images included in this invoice. It will include the following:

  • The size will be 84 in. high x 60 in. wide, and 1.5 in. deep.
  • The painting is acrylic on canvas and will be shipped rolled, along with the stretcher bar kit. 
  • The dominant color palette will be black, white and grays.
  • The color palette will include limited touches of gray blue.
  • The style is modern/contemporary utilizing clean crisp lines as shown.
  • The red and green of the Italian flag will be painted to "light up" the castle.
  • There are two types of building surfaces - stone and smooth. Each buiding type will be stylized appropriately. 

Initial photos of the custom painting (in progress) will be sent for review and feedback in @ two weeks after starting.

Photos will also be sent in @ 4-5 weeks for approval after deposit is paid. If modifications to the painting are requested, they will be made and new photos will be sent.

Price for the custom painting is $8700.00.

Deposit is 70% down ($6090.00.)

Balance is $2610.00

Balance due when email photos are approved by client.

Completed painting will not be shipped until after mid-November.