Chicago Skyline Painting
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Chicago Skyline Print - " A Chicago Shoreline View"

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Chicago Skyline Canvas Print


This is a limited edition Canvas Wrap Print. The image continues around the 1.5 inch sides, making framing unnecessary. It comes wired and ready to hang. This piece is available in multiple sizes and is also available as an artist-enhanced canvas print. This 'extra' to make a canvas art print into a "one of a kind" is a unique finishing touch offered by Chicago Skyline Art, and is a favorite among collectors.

The artist's thoughts:

"There is something absolutely magical about the Chicago skyline and waterfront! An evening of fabulous dining and great theater surrounded by the glowing architecture of one of the world's greatest cities, and unquestionably one of the most beautiful skylines in existence. That's the feeling that I'm trying to express in this painting - the absolute magic of a Chicago evening! "

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