Customize A Canvas Print from Chicago Skyline Art

 You can request custom variations to any canvas print image we offer online.

Customizations include:

Color variations are available for all canvas prints and framed prints.

1. Color variations and changes are available for every canvas print image we offer - black and white, sepia toned, etc.


Canvas prints can be ordered as large as 54' x 84', rolled and shipped.

2. Custom print sizes are available - as large as 54" x 84", and can be shipped rolled, rather than stretched.


3. Size variations can be requested and we can alter the proportions to suit your space. 


    4. Triptychs and diptychs are also an option. 

      In addition to print variations, every image online can be used as a starting point for a custom painting on canvasRead about...


        We're always happy to answer any questions or help you with a special request. Please email or call 312-292-7904.