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 Two Chicago Artists - Kathleen Patrick and Joseph Catanzaro 

Kathleen Patrick  and Joseph Catanzaro were selected 'Artists of the Year ' for two consecutive years, by the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau [CCTB] because of their very popular series of Chicago Cityscape Paintings. 

The CCTB purchased both originals and prints of the works to present as gifts to corporate leaders and visiting dignitaries. The works were also presented to prominent figures in the government of Chicago upon a number of special occasions.

 A singular artistic focus for both artists is creating portrayals of the city of Chicago's skyline. In addition to creating paintings of Chicago, both artists continuously work in a wide variety of highly personalized styles. Read more below.

Kathleen Patrick

… is a highly collected artist with both corporate and private art collectors in Chicago and around the world. She has been represented by several major galleries in Southern California and has exhibited her work in the Chicago metropolitan area for over 15 years. 

   Ms. Patrick’s works appear in the collections of Gucci, Motorola, The University of Illinois and The University of Wisconsin, The Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau, The National Association of Realtors to name but a few.  One of her Chicago skylines was selected and licensed for The Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up” mural as a permanent part of the set.  Her works hang in the Sears Tower, the John Hancock and many other major buildings in the Chicago area.  Her work was selected by the U.S. State Department to be shown with the works of such notable Chicagoans as Frank Lloyd Wright.

   She includes among her influences the color and freedom of Marc Chagall, the energy and passion of Van Gogh.

   Ms. Patrick is best known for her urban scenes, whether wildly colored, energy filled abstracts or highly imaginative Chicago skylines and cityscapes. Her work strikes a balance between likeness and abstraction. These highly imaginative works often contain some pictorial reference to Chicago and other cities but often exhibit whole areas which can be read as abstracts. This creates a scale and continuum of abstraction/representation intrinsic to her work.


The Chicago Skyline Paintings of Artist Kathleen Patrick


Her works have caught the attention of major corporations, including Disney Studios. Disney bought the rights to copy and re-create a Chicago cityscape of Ms. Patrick's entitled "Chicago Summer Sunset" as a 9' x 12' installation for the very popular series "Shake It Up Chicago". It was seen in virtually every episode of the series, and continues to be seen in reruns of this highly rated show.

The works are in the collections of major Chicago law firms, with as many as 15 original skyline paintings in one very large firm. The works are found in a great variety of corporate settings. Additionally, the Chicago Skyline Paintings of Ms. Patrick are found in homes and businesses across the United States and in many countries abroad.

From the artist: "There is something absolutely magical about the Chicago skyline and waterfront! An evening of fabulous dining and great theater surrounded by the glowing architecture of one of the world's greatest cities, and unquestionably one of the most beautiful skylines in existence. That's the feeling that I'm trying to express in my paintings - the absolute magic of Chicago! "


Joseph Catanzaro

…is the recipient of several awards and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.   His work has been highlighted in several one-person shows in the Midwest and numerous international juried shows.  

   Mr. Catanzaro’s works are in private and corporate collections around the world.

  Characteristic to all his work is either a simplified graphic quality, as in his highly individualized cubist works, or a quiet reflective mood, seen in his cityscapes and romantic couples. His recent body of work, whether cityscapes or human figures is uniquely impressionist, sometimes utilizing no more than a stylized silhouette.

The Cubist Paintings of Artist Joseph Catanzaro

"My favorite themes for this hybrid blend of cubism and pop art are music and wine. I love to capture the excitement and fun that is so much a part of "Wine Tastings". This style of abstraction and cartoonish simplicity that I have developed works hand in hand with that goal."

"The art I currently create in this style is the result of 25 years of development and experimentation. I combine my love of music, cartoons and comic books, and play with the visual language of Cubism with a graphic precision."

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