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  • Landscape painting with a distant horizon with the last rays of the sun.
  • Abstract Contemporary Landscape Art Print - "Evening Horizon" - Chicago Skyline Art
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Chicago Skyline Art

Neutral Abstract Landscape Canvas Print "Evening Horizon"

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This Abstract Landscape Canvas Art Print is available in multiple sizes, and based on an original painting by award-winning artist Kathleen Patrick.

Have your contemporary landscape print individually enhanced by the artist, who will use the same paints, textures and glazes that were used in the original painting.

So buy an abstract landscape canvas print today and get Free Shipping!

Money Back Guarantee.

With a minimal palette and simple, stark composition this painting sets a tone of quiet simplicity while creating a dramatic mood.

The artist's thoughts "This is a particular favorite to me among the many landscapes that I have painted. In an absence of anything man made, this scene could be from today or hundreds of years ago. Living in the Midwest plains, I am constantly amazed with the immense distances one can see. I have used that great distance in this composition where everything is reduced to earth and sky. That creates a unique sense of drama in this piece that captivates me whenever I study the piece again."


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