The Chicago Skyline Paintings of Artist Kathleen Patrick

 Kathleen Patrick was selected 'Artist of the Year ' for two consecutive years, by the Chicago  Convention and Tourism Bureau [CCTB] because of her very popular series of Chicago Cityscape Paintings. The series has been developed over two decades.

The CCTB purchased both originals and prints of the works to present to corporate leaders and visiting dignitaries. The works were also presented to prominent figures in the government of Chicago upon a number of special occasions.

The works have caught the attention of major corporations, including Disney Studios. Disney bought the rights to copy and re-create a Chicago cityscape of Ms. Patrick's entitled "Chicago Summer Sunset"  as a 9' x 12' installation for the very popular series "Shake It Up Chicago".  It was seen in virtually every episode of the series, and continues to be seen in reruns of this highly rated show.

The works are in the collections of major Chicago law firms, with as many as 15 original skyline paintings in one very large firm. The works are found in a great variety of corporate settings. Additionally, the Chicago Skyline Paintings of Ms.Patrick are found in homes all over the United States and in many countries abroad.

Originals move very quickly, but if you have missed out on an original, consider ordering a custom skyline painting. Canvas wrap prints and elegant framed prints of the originals are also available online.

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