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Chicago Skyline Art

Custom 'Supergirl' Painting

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This painting is being commissioned by Joe Mazzuca, and created by Joseph Catanzaro.

The theme of the painting is 'a child's triumph over leukemia' - a little girl that sees herself as a "SUPERGIRL".

The actual painting will be created using the idea provided by IMAGE 3 for the design concept.  The concept is 'a little girl casting an image of her future adult super self - much like casting a shadow.  

The faces will be modeled after photos included on this page (IMAGES 4 thru 7).

IMAGES 8 AND 9 are included as models that will be used to paint the portion of the supergirl body that are not clearly shown in 1st image prototype.

The 1st black and white image is a prototype to provide roughly the composition, proportions and layout for the painting. It does not show the painting style.

The second  black and white photo is to show the approximate style and amount of detail for the painting. This is a style that is somewhat ethereal and impressionistic, and seems to be very appropriate for the feel of this painting.

It will be painted predominantly in black, grays and white - with touches of subtle colors to complement the overall neutral color palette.


Size: 30" high x 24" wide x 1.5" deep.

Acrylic Painting on Canvas, with the image continuing around the 4 sides.

The price for the painting is $800.

PAID - The deposit is $560 (70% Down) 
Photos of painting will be sent to you in 3.5 to 4 weeks for your review.

Should you ask for modifications, we will do them within the week they are  requested, and send new photos for your approval.
Upon your final approval the balance payment will be due.
Our #1 priority is that you are happy with the painting!

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