40" x 60" Custom Painting for Jill C. - 9-25-20
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40" x 60" Custom Painting for Jill C. - 9-25-20

This is a description for a 40" x 60" x 1.5 custom commissioned painting. Price includes shipping.

The painting will be based on the particular photo you provided - painted in the style as seen in the photo, and using the color samples selected by you. (Using the color chart created in February.... #1 or 2, as well as #5, 10, 13, and16.) 

Any additional details you specify, i.e. - other colors, texture and scale - will be utilized in the painting. 

When the painting is nearing completion we will email a very detailed large screen photo, as well as close-up photos. Any feedback you have at that time, will be incorporated into the piece.

Original Price for painting: $1200.00 

The price with 25% Off discount applied is : $900.00 (No balance due)

If you prefer to pay a deposit of 70% down, the deposit would be: $840.00

The deposit, using the one-time 25% Off discount is: $630.00 (Balance will be $360.00 because discount will be expired. )

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