'Couples In Love'  painting - watching a sunset
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'Couples In Love'  painting - watching a sunset 'Couples In Love'  painting - watching a sunset

Couple In Love - Art Print - "Just Us - Alone Together"

'Couples In Love' has been a subject of many paintings, and this work is part of diverse series of paintings by Chicago artist Joseph Catanzaro. 

 From the Artist:

"For quite some time I've been exploring the closeness - the intimacy between two people; painting them usually in warm glowing colors. They are impressionistic silhouettes; portrayals of couples,  rarely portraits, unless someone specifically commissions me to do one. By not including facial details, they become symbols - a man - a woman.  This allows for a greater connection for anyone looking at the painting."

This is a canvas art giclee print which comes in a variety of sizes. The image continues around the 1.5 "sides, making framing unnecessary. It comes wired and ready to hang. It is signed by the artist.




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