Vintage Wedding Couple Art Print
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Black Framed Art Print - "The Newlyweds" - Vintage

  • Covered with premium clear acrylic rather than glass; has the same clarity as glass, but only half the weight.
  • The print is museum quality using today's best technology.
  • Printed and assembled in the United States.
  • This black picture frame combines contemporary with classy by featuring a semigloss satin finish over a 2 ½” moulding with brushed gold on the inner lip. The frame gives a formal feel to this quirky portrait.

'Couples In Love' come in all kinds of shapes, and this Vintage Wedding Couple Art Print is part of a series of paintings by Chicago artist Joseph Catanzaro.

From the Artist:

"Visiting my grandparents as a child, I can remember that there were so many photos of family on the walls. The one that has stayed with me the most clearly was a wedding portrait, somewhat faded and yellow, with a touch of color. This 'portrait' is the first of many paintings I've done over time. Little round folks...plain and simple. They have a cherub-like quality and a subtle quiet innocence."

Also available in several sizes as a Gray Framed and Matted Print on Paper and also available as aCanvs Wrap Giclee Printwhich also comes in a variety of sizes. The canvas print image continues around the 1.5 "sides, making framing unnecessary. It comes wired and ready to hang.

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