Backus Family Commission
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Backus Family Commission

 Payment on painting.

Prototype photos"

  • photo #1 - the prototype painting.
  • photo #2 - detail of painting.
  • photo #3 - a less vibrant color palette option.
  • photo #4 -  the protoype painting on your wall as a 5' x 7'.

The prototype has only a small number of the many words and images that will be incorporated. It shows how the overlays would interact with the silhouettes and create this style that has multiple levels of visual and informational references. The words and images will be included throughout the painting... all will be worked into the design of the piece. They will range in size from small to large, and will vary in their degree of obvious visiblity - providing the opportunity for multiple levels of discovery. The painting will be textural, and can even include imported gold leaf foils, liquid gold leaf and interference acrylic paint colors. Interference acrylics are created with the rock "mica", crushed and mixed with a polymer; they both reflect and refract light - changing both their luminosity and color slightly. Obviously, there can be any substitutions and changes of color according to your preferences.