Abstract  Print- "The Path of Reason"
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Abstract Print- "The Path of Reason"

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Now available as a limited edition canvas wrap print in multiple sizes. This is from an original painting by Chicago artist Joseph Catanzaro. The image continues around the 1.5 inch sides so that framing is not needed.

Geometric abstraction is a form of abstract art based on the use of geometric forms sometimes, though not always, placed in non-illusionistic space and combined into non-objective (non-representational) compositions. The variety of textures and patinas play exotically against the flat black base of the painting.

From the Artist:

"This type of painting is designed to entice on many levels; it 's powerfully simplisticand dramatic.The hot red evokes passion, while the dense, dark black and violet colors are used to provide drama. The rich golds create a classically traditional feel to a painting that is very modern."

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