Commission a Custom Painting

Custom paintings range from small works to very large multi-panel canvases, for residences or corporations.

 You will work directly with one of the artists - award winning artists who have created artwork for collectors worldwide, bringing their ideas to canvas. We will create a custom painting that will exceed your expectations!

Custom Artwork Inspired by our Website Collections

 Many times a client will select one of our canvas painting prints as a model - a starting point - for a custom painting.  Just as often, clients commission a painting based on an idea, an image or a photo they have.  There is a huge range of sizes available for residential and corporate art works - starting with as small as 24 in. by 30 in., to as large as 6 ft. by 9ft. 

In the above example, the client asked for a 48 inch square, inspired by the piece on the left. Colors were shifted to a gray palette.

"The painting arrived yesterday.   We have it hung and love it!!  Thank you so much for your talents!" 

Contact us about commissioning a painting.

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