Custom Paintings Of Chicago


Custom Paintings of Chicago

  Most commissions are based on works seen on our website and in our gallery.  We work closely with each client, matching colors when requested, suggesting composition options, and discussing size and design concerns.  We've created custom works for homes, major corporations and building lobbies.


Clients have come to us with photos of Chicago that they love or that happen to be their view of the Chicago skyline.

 We've had clients that have loved elements of several of our Chicago paintings; using these elements and their color choices we've created totally unique Chicago skyline paintings for them.   Sometimes people need a vertical, or a triptych or diptych. Some people have an affection for a particular building - "He proposed to me in the John Hancock!"

 You bring the ideas - we'll bring the artistry and our love of the city!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 815-291-3709 or email us at